Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Cartoonify Yourself

Today, our class watched a video on how to cartoonify yourself on Google Drawing. We used tools called Polylines and Curve lines to create our images.

This is Room 11's first time trying this out - hope it's impressive.


Thursday, April 30, 2020

LCS Task - Create a 'connections' poster

Hi guys, for one of our LCS tasks today, we had to create a connections poster. This poster features your top 10 people you identify yourself to be most connected to. They could be family members, your best friend, your teacher, your brother etc.
Here is Faiana's connections poster, along with a brief description below.

Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Wint's Writing - Hope

Hope - by Wint

Is there any reason for me to live? I complain on the
longevous bench while I clutch myself away from the
glacial snow and my regrets. The lights behind me
rapidly turn off and on leaving me with undivulged
thoughts. The tulip reminded me of my brother.

He had a bright spirit and was always by my side.
He was suppose to be by my side forever. 
But everything didn't matter after he passed.
I sit here every day
thinking of our memories together… I had hope!

Zac's Writing - HOPE

As I sit on the numbing bench frozen ice lands down my shirt and sends icy chills down
my spine. Cold wintry wind blows passed me as a strange mist took habitat around me.
I hold a red tulip flower in memory of my late wife who passed away a few days ago.
She loved red tulips…

37 years ago I met her we were both the loners in school we’d make each other laugh all
the time we grew older together and our love was never to be broken, as my eyes laid on
this flower it seemed like a transparent like figure stood in front of me but when I shifted
my head upwards and nothing.

The sunrise slowly went down and a dark gloomy sky fell over my head and rain poured
down my heart was screaming inside my chest and all I could do was cry the mist cleared
and there was no one there just like my life :( no one was there until my wife came to me
and now all I can do is wait for my time to come and I will finally meet her again.

Monday, April 6, 2020

Khin Linn's Poem

Today I wrote a short diamante poem describing a star, I used interesting words from word hippo-like shimmer, dazzle. I tried to not use the word star, I enjoy making this poem because you get to describe things with lots of words and give a hint of what item or object it is. Hope you enjoy this poem!

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Rottpon's inspiring video for today's Kia Kaha Challenge

Here is a video to lift up your spirit during this horrible pandemic. Miss Tupou instructed Room 11 to create a video with positive things in it during this time. I chose to create one with quotes in it. I hope you enjoy my video!

#KiaKahaRoom11 - Challenge #2

As part of our home learning, Room 11 have daily challenges & tasks to complete. This initiative is called #KiaKahaRoom11. The purpose of this initiative is to keep our students uplifted, inspired and continue to think positively, despite whats happening in the world.

Our challenge for today (Tuesday) was:

- Watch Kid President's "20 things we should say more often"
- Create a short video (30-60 seconds) about KINDNESS.

Watch this space for some of the videos Room 11 students have created.